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Job Posting:

Studia Antiqua

Assistant Editor

Job Description

The assistant editor for Studia Antiqua, hired around March 2021, will assist the editor-in-chief (currently Jeremy Madsen) in completing the spring 2021 issue of the journal. When the editor-in-chief graduates in April 2021, the assistant editor will become the new editor-in-chief and will manage all aspects of the journal, including the email, website, and completion of the spring 2021 issue. He or she will then oversee later issues of the journal and train a new assistant editor before he or she graduates. In all these duties, he or she will work closely with the faculty advisor over the journal (currently Dr. David Seely) and the ANES coordinator (currently Dr. Cecilia Peek).

The assistant editor will work remotely on his or her own schedule and will need to have regular access to a computer with MS Word and Adobe InDesign. (Free access to Adobe software can be provided as part of employment status.)

Pay is $12/hour. Duties will require around 5–12 hours a week for March through July 2021, around 1 hour a week in Fall Semester 2021, and around 2–7 hours a week in Winter Semester 2022.

The ideal candidate for this position is either an editor minor or major with an interest in academic scholarship, or a Classics or ancient Near Eastern studies major with an interest in publishing. The experience from this position is excellent preparation for post-graduate studies, a career in academic publishing, or any job involving communication or editing skills.

To be considered, applicants must be full-time registered students at BYU and cannot be graduating sooner than April 2022.


  • Manage the journal’s email correspondence with authors and submitters.
  • Help authors implement revisions suggested by faculty reviewers.
  • Copyedit the accepted articles according to SBL style (Society of Biblical Literature).
  • Typeset the completed articles and frontmatter in Adobe InDesign.
  • Maintain and update the journal’s website, ScholarsArchive page, and Facebook page.
  • Send out a call for papers for future issues and actively promote the journal year-round.
  • Hire and train a replacement before graduating or leaving the journal.


  • An eye for detail
  • A command of the English language, including rules for punctuation, usage, and clear writing
  • The ability to closely adhere to a style manual
  • Excellent organization and communication skills
  • Experience working with comments and tracked changes in MS Word
  • The ability to self-motivate and work efficiently on one’s own time

Bonus Qualifications

  • Experience with Adobe InDesign
  • Knowledge of SBL style or of the Chicago Manual of Style
  • Previous work experience in editing or typesetting
  • Familiarity with biblical criticism, ancient Near Eastern studies, or Classics studies
  • Training in Hebrew or Greek or another ancient language

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to by March 12, 2021.